Lightning V8 engine resurfaces?

Monstrous power from a very light (and very expensive) V8.

A while back I eulogised about the Light Car Company Rocket and wondered what happened to their later project, the Lightning, together with its V8 engine made from two bike engines. I suspect that's why I received this curious message yesterday:

I know what happened to the V8 engine that was going to go into the Lightning, It was bought lock stock and barrel by a kit car company in south africa not unlike caterham. there were 5 engines in total that I saw one of which was a 1.5liter V8, the 2L was very light and compact I could stand over the engine and pick it up quite easily, I know that caterham are currently looking into a motorbike derived V8 for there lineup, but if this over company get their a!*? into gear they might be the first.

Possibly related, Ammo mentioned on BlatChat that there's now a company in Poole who are making a bike-derived V8... If it's the same company then good luck to them, but I won't be buying one just yet despite my current engine troubles (they want £14k + VAT!).

26th November 2003: I've updated the message quoted above at the request of the sender. He also pointed to an interesting article about the engine which shows that it is indeed the one out of the Lightning (note the mention of Chris Craft), and isn't the same as the Cyclone mentioned on Blatchat.

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