L7C Hants (North) & Berks - July 2003

Photos galore. By Steve Foster.

A brief report this time. I’ll let the pictures do the talking. The photos were taken pretty much as each 7 arrived on the 2nd Wed meet in July. It was a good turn out. Not the best ever but pretty good all the same.

There is much activity in the club, in Low Flying and on Blatchat about the goings on during the summer. I have started up my own business servicing, repairing and fitting accessories to local 7’s. Watch out for an ad in LF soon.

I guess by the time you read this we will have had the Area BBQ on the 28th of August. Ben’s idea. We hope to have had Caterham or other 7 products supplier along.

A.O. Steve Foster

All photos are by Steve Foster:

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