L7C Hants (North) & Berks - March 2003

More winter fettling; race season is about to start. By Steve Foster.

2nd Wednesday of the month meet

The weather may have kept some at home. It was cold and not that pleasant. Many 7's are undergoing upgrades and not quite road ready yet. Jason was ala 7 as usual and showed off his new higher performance exhaust.

Last Thursday of the month meet

Cracking evening. Loads of 7's in the carpark. Most stayed out talking and kicking tyres all evening!

Phil has had his car (OK, chassis) on the roof rack to Arch motors! He is planning a colour change so it will be a shock when he rolls up in it. New colour, new wings, a new Phil... no, not quite!

Brent is progressing with his throttle body upgrade. Mr Motts has had alternator woes. He's not such a live wire lately! Simon our previous A.O. is having problems getting engine suppliers to deliver! Race meetings are going to be missed! He is not happy.

I have finished my throttle body upgrade / race exhaust upgrade in Feb. I have spent a fair while mapping her to get it leaner than the base map and run nicely. I have borrowed Bill S's wideband O2 sensor to do this. Bill made it as a kit. He is doing a build your own kit for folks to buy, so I will be doing that as they are an invaluable tool in the mapping process. In return I did a bit of MIG welding on his rusty Golf to get it through the MOT.

I have had the car out on track pounding round Lydden and can confirm that the mixture is spot on at 12.5 (for max power) with the power pedal firmly to the metal. My car is going much quicker this year. Straight out of the box it felt on the pace. Not just due to the power increase but some subtle suspension changes too. I am up with the Blades and the Blackbirds now! Thanks to Dennis for helping out on the test day. Excellent stopwatch work, and very quick with the tyre temp gun.

Any impromptu meets for blats during the spring / summer weekends will be organised via Blatchat under ChitChat as that is how some have already been started by the H(N)&B gang when they feel the urge to get together and blat.

Steve Foster, area organiser and scribe.

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