L7C Hants (North) & Berks - November 2002 to February 2003

Winter fettling. By Steve Foster.

I have missed a few months of reports recently, sorry for that. We had a great Christmas party and quiz organised by Dennis - many thanks Dennis.

A few turned up for the New Years day all cars meet at the Phoenix. It was wet, my car was in bits and my head hurt... That was my excuse for not going this year anyway.

The winter has seen few 7s in the car park but good turnouts at the bar.

I attended the Area Organisers annual meeting. The committee gave an interesting insight in to the club's organisation and the vision for the club's direction going forward. They were as ever very receptive to ideas put forward and very quick to take the "good suggestion well volunteered" approach. The enormous success and future moulding of the club Website and Blatchat in particular gave rise to a lengthy debate. Well done to Barry for keeping this running and available nearly all of the time.

There has been much talk of car upgrades in the club and on Blatchat. These seem to have gripped the majority of the club this winter.

With Phil’s new found enthusiasm of having an axle that can and will take all the power the engine can muster, I am hoping to get him to help be organise some more of the blats on the 7’s at 8 format at the weekends. I still have a good route left over that we have yet to try so let's give that a go come the spring.

I have also been busy selling club Calendars and Low Flying storage binders to local members.

Steve Foster.



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