L7C Hants (North) & Berks - October 2002 meetings

Christmas dinner arrangements, end of race season update, and winter upgrades. By Steve Foster.

2nd Wednesday of the month meet

A nice enough evening. Quite a few 7's present. I remembered to kick the Xmas dinner booking off and I got 24 people there and then signed up straight away.

Phil is going Ford axle. So Ital axle and Ital PCD wheels will be long sold by the time you read this.

Simon, Rory and I did not get a place in the Birkett 6 hour relay race at Silverstone. This does however mean I can concentrate on the John Taylor handicap championship series that I am leading at the moment.

Last Thursday of the month meet (trick or treat)

Long dark evenings now, but a dry one and several 7's attending. We actually sat out all of the evening, ah the balmy south! Full marks to those drving 7's and wearing spooky masks.

The talk was of coming winter upgrades, Jason considering racing and / or a 6sp gearbox (it must be that speeding ticket that has convinced him at long last), Simon's new engine after the demise of his trusty XF at the last outing of the year at Lydden. Simon led that race and was in a strong 2nd place before main bering failure. Mr Motts is have his axle rebuilt. I did OK in the races. You can read about that soon or even in this edition depending on how Roger feels. Rory needs some gearbox work. Ideally Brian Hill.

The Xmas do will be on Thursday the 19th of December at the Phoenix pub as usual. Dennis will be the quiz meister. Drop me a line if you want to come along or show up and find me.

Eric has agreed to give an "everything you thought was correct about F1 but isn't" talk. I will supply the slide show. This is aimed for Jan or Feb.

Steve Foster, area organiser and scribe.

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