L7C Hants (North) & Berks - August 2002 meetings

Another convert, dodgy dampers, and racing upgrades. By Steve Foster.

2nd Wednesday of the month meet

A hot, hot day. A nice drive in the 7 at 7.30pm to cool off. A good turn out aready by 8.00pm.

I spent most of the evening showing a work pal of Phil’s around my car esp the engine bay (he likes Vauxhall’s). Phil then took him out for a blast in his Zetec and the guy had that "I’ve been for my first ride in a 7" grin on when they returned. It was actually his 2nd time in a 7. The first being on the sands at Portmeirion, kinda roped in as an extra at a 7 photo shoot and then got a blast along the beach ride for fun. He reported that 7's grip better on tarmac than sand and he wants one! Another convert!

Other news. Jason needs new dampers. Not surprising at 49000 miles. He also needs a slight tweak to his anti roll bar to remove the play in it. He gathering info, Leda, Bilstein, Nitron, Avo.... I adjusted his clutch again earlier this month, 2nd time in 18 months or about 18,000 miles so it is wearing well. Jasons 021s have already outlasted the 032s and there’s more than half left on them.... It seems Jason has found the tyre for him at long last.

Phil is sporting a resprayed (green to match the car) FIA bar. A batt cut out, cranking map fiddling has kept him busy.  Nice job Phil. He also damaged a nail on Mr Webbs 7! Poor thing. We were at Webb lodge picking an injection fuel tank/pump and got roped in to holding a fairly heavy bit as it was being removed.

I have purchased a set of throttle bodies, MBE EMU and also a set of VX race bananas / repackable exhaust from Alan M. That's the winter projects sorted out then.

Last Thursday of the month meet

I was on a business trip for this one so nothing to report from the evening. I was in Sweden and managed to combine the trip with a track evening event with the local sports car club (shame my 7 was at home). Several of the Swedes there were on the Finland/Skandi Se7ens trip and mentioned that some of our intrepid touring area members were over there.  

The Saturday before this, Jason went to Freestyle and had new Avo dampers and Freestyle recommended rated springs fitted. The rear ARB was ditched and a Juno style adjustable one fitted. I went along with Jason for the ride and had fun chatting / watching Gary work on Jason’s car, corner weight and sort the ride height set up out. Jason’s dampers were pretty shot and the ride home was somewhat smoother. He now has loads of things to adjust and play with....

I tried Jason’s old front springs out on my car, going up from the standard comfy 170lb to 260lb. I have also had to ditch the rear ARB so that I can run some newly aquired 8.5” rims / slicks. I like the handling / get the power down ability on the road, lets see if it’s better on track...

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