L7C Hants (North) & Berks - July 2002 meetings

Roger King - why engines go bang. By Steve Foster.

Phil has traced the starting problem to either the cranking advance or poor earthing. The latter has been beefed up and problem has not reoccurred.

Nigel has not talked about dampers for while :-)

Jason had wobbly wheel bearings and knocky Lower wishbone spherical ball joints. These "Phil and Steve's" car clinic fixed one Sunday morning.

I purchased a Cage from Ratrace and now climb or contortion aboard. My next project is a 'my scavenge pump belt has failed' early warning system.

Rory has also got a Cage from Ratrace.

Rory, Simon and I had a great time at Lydden Hill on the 14th of July. The weather was fantastic, the racing close and no mishaps. I get slightly less than 10 mpg on track. My Citroen ZX 1.9D does 55 mpg on the road under mixed use and did 40 mpg hauling the 7 (with Minno) and all our gear to Lydden and back, a fair bit of this in stop-start traffic!

The highlight of the month was the last Thursday meeting. Roger King of Roger King Engines came along and gave us a talk about catastrophic engine failure and the reasons why. All makes were covered and some grisly pics were show. Most failures are due to user error in some way. Rarely component failure. The car park was packed with some arriving as early as before 7 to get good seats. After the talk Roger was on hand to answer tech questions and give more insight in the world of engines.

The picture is of Roger at work, measuring the compression ratio.

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A.O. Steve

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