L7C Hants (North) & Berks - May 2002 meetings

Summer's coming, and everyone's off racing. By Steve Foster.

Good weather on the 2nd Weds meet and clearing skies for the last Thursday meet brought out many a 7 eager to have the latest upgraded showed off.

Phil still has problems. The Zetec is purring and pulling strongly after a RR session but now it's a suspected faulty alternator not charging the battery. Big Hi-spec brakes have also been fitted. Is there no end to the depth of his pockets.

Jason is keen to fit his JPE screen before summer is over and has a new addition to the family. Another boy.

Roy has completed the 2nd Haggis tour. Rain, rain and rain by some accounts.

Steve Motts was eventually persuaded to buy my spare series 2 Tamiya kit.

Many thanks to the 7'er who dropped off 7 years of back issues of Low Flying. The recent new members had a field day. They have all gone to good homes.

Simon has been competing at Lydden (keep it on the black stuff Simon) and Silverstone (a neat 3rd place).

Rory has been racing at Brands and also got a 3rd (those 2nd hand slicks I sold on must have been good!).

I have now completed 5 races and need 5 more signatures to loose the novice cross. I have had some success with a 3rd place at the last race. Rory and Simon have already got Relay events etc lined up for me. The car is doing well. I had a problem with poor fuel and needed to dry sump the lump as I had a bit of camfollower aeration. My lap times at Lydden Hill have dropped from high 47 seconds to a best of 46.1 seconds. I have become 'trailer trash' using a Minno to lug her to the circuit and back. After each race there is always something to replace or fettle but that is part of the fun.

We really must sort out some Sunday (7's at 8am) runs. Phil I need you help!

A.O and Scribe Steve

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