L7C Hants (North) & Berks - January 2002 meetings

Old Caterham rebuild, quick-wearing 32s, Apollo tank fitting, and new Zetec monster. By Phil Waters.

With AO Steve stuck at an airport in Sweden on business we probably had our best winter turn out of the year. Not that I am implying anything by that of course.

Nigel managed make in down and was enjoying the local grub when I arrived. His plans for the suspension upgrades are on-going, and there is light at the end of the tunnel - lets hope it stays switched on this time! What Nigel doesn't know about dampers and springs, isn't worth knowing.

Steve Motts is nearing the completion of his cars strip and re-build. His car is a 1979 Caterham so finding some of the obscure parts has certainly kept him busy over the winter. For a running report on his car point your browser at www.se7en-up.co.uk. I can't wait to see the car back on the road - go for the black wings Steve, you know you want to!

Jason arrived in his used-everyday-seven and relayed his delight of his 032's. Seeing as Jason only had them fitted towards the end of last year we were amazed that he had a new set of rears being delivered the next day. I think they lasted 3000 miles, which is the normal, but not when they are being used in all weathers and temperatures. Well done Jason, you've done us proud.

Some of you may have seen Mark Chilton's postings on Blatchat about fitting an Apollo tank. He kindly brought along his laptop so we could have a look at a slideshow of how he fitted it and hear about how many goes it took to stop the leaks. Are they all stopped now Mark? With the car having had to take a back seat over the last couple of years, Mark is thankfully now able to spend the time he wanted to on the car. Decided on the first track to test the Apollo on yet Mark?

As to me, well the Zetec is in the car now and everything is bolted where it should be. The last couple of parts are arriving soon and by the next meet I should have had it running. If not then I certainly will have made a few frustrated brumm brumm noises to make up for it. I am also looking forward to helping AO Steve with his planned attack on the Lydden race series. As chief mechanic/support car driver/general dogs body I will need to practice my tea making and Rich Tea biscuit offering abilities no doubt.

It's going to be a good year - I sense it in the Force! We still meet twice a month, 2nd Weds and last Thurs at the Phoenix.

Temporary Scribe Phil

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