L7C Hants (North) & Berks - November 2001 meetings

Yoko A032Rs, Zetec, Alcon brakes, racing, and Christmas dinner. By Steve Foster.

Winter is upon us. Jason has found the true grip of 032's and loves them. As he uses his car everyday all year round he will be a good customer to Yokohama no doubt. Phil has taken the trusty 1600 XF out and put in a Zetec well it was nearly there by the time of writing but had to come out for some bellhousing mods. Nigel has fitted Alcon big brakes on the front and is happy with them. Simon R and I are trying to a find a reasonable race series. Lets hope it turns out to be the same one. Rory is having a very nice 1700 XF built by RKE.

The last meeting in November was fairly well attended. Two 7's braved the murky night to brighten up the car park. We have a few members with cars on order and some sitting on the fence... Go on take the plunge!

Our Xmas dinner has 23 regulars booked and paid for, a good turnout. I attended the Area Organisers meeting and a very interesting, informal and open affair it was too. More info about that no doubt from other sources.

We are still meeting twice a month, 2nd Weds and last Thurs at the Phoenix.

A.O. Steve

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