L7C Hants (North) & Berks - October 2001 meetings

Cadwell Park, blowout, car mods, IAM. By Steve Foster.

October brought the Slipstream Cadwell park track day and what a day it was. Changes to my car from last years October Cadwell park track day included 13" Minilights with 021's all round (7" rims on the rear with 205's) and areoscreens. What a difference... Wet running at the start and more than enough driver skill and grip to surprise the odd squirmy R500, the day had it all. A downpour and then a drying line and then totally dry afternoon gave us all the experiences in one day. Hants (north) and Berks were well represented and all had a great time. I am glad to report that this time we all avoided the walls and Armco! No damage on the track. I had a rear tyre blow out on the motorway coming home and no spare tyre.... This was later diagnosed as a slow puncture due to a screw. The Yoko sidewall being stiff enough to keep the tyre up until the tread overheated and let go. It was all very controlled, no damage to me or the car/rim but the tyre had a 14" gash in it.

The RAC were not very helpful and after nearly 3 hours of waiting a fellow Cadwell 7'er Paul Thompson came by with trailer and 7 in tow and stopped. He had spare wheels but of the Ital PCD. Paul kindly scooped A7VXC up and trailered her home to Guildford while I drove his 1700 XF home to Bisley. I collected A7VXC the day after in the heaviest rain of the year... I put the spare 185 60 13 on the rear. So now I have a 205 on one side and a 185 on the other... Only a temporary measure I can assure you.

The Xmas do will have been and gone by the time you read this. 20 are signed up already by late October.

Simon is having unpure thoughts about a Radical! Helen sort him out... Rory is having a 244 cam'd RKE tune up. Phil is whipping his not so trusty 1600 XF out early in Nov to make way for a big Zetec.

I have been levelling my garage floor for easier Corner Weighting setups and have been thinking about a bit of racing... Amazingly my wife has ok'd this so it could be a bit of 750 Caterham racing or similar to what Rory and Simon do after I have got my race licence.

Lastly I have been taking my Institute of Advanced Motoring test and can thoroughly recommend it as an experience (good progress can be made but always within the speed limits of course) but observation and road awareness lessons are good. I have yet to show up in the 7 but they were keen on this so if the next run is fine I will give them a surprise.

If anyone wants to be our area sporting event organiser (karting, skidpan, trackdays etc) please let me know.


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