L7C Hants (North) & Berks - June 2001 meetings

Handling test, change of area organiser. By Steve Foster.

June: 2nd Wednesday and last Thursday. More fine weather and a great turn out. Many faces I've never seen before and some chaps who are thinking about getting a 7. Evenings like our last meetings one must convince many to do the right thing. Some familiar faces on holiday this time around.

Simon R, Rory S and I reviewed the pictures I took at our 'clubmans level' handling day at Curborough on my laptop. We did a similar exercise to Alex Wong and boys who had done it earlier on more powerful 7's. A full write up will no doubt follow but needless to say we had great fun with Seven 7's to try out. The car line up in was:-

Andrew W's car sounded loud and he admits it needs a new or repacked exhaust, one chap (sorry forgot the name) had a top wishbone braze fail whilst in France and a friendly repair shop fixed him up "for the honour of France" = free.

At the Wednesday meet Phil W and I swapped his screen for my aero's for him to try for a few days... Now he wants a set. With the limited power of the standard 1600 XF the lower wind resistance really gives the car a boost at anything above 50 mph.

I am taking over the area organiser role in August. I aim to perhaps run an early morning Sunday blast run or two. Meeting at the Phoenix, touring some local roads while they are quiet and perhaps stopping off for flask of tea or coffee & tyre kick. We would get back in time to do all the usual chores and have had a great start to the day! Another idea might be a quiz rally around the area. Perhaps I could get James W or Raceline (both local to us) to open their doors for a car clinic session one Saturday morning. All fine ideas lets see how many I can put into practise. If you are interested in things like this or have any suggestions for events then let me know by email. Drop me an email if you want to be on the event notification distribution list. Send to steve.foster@surrey3.freeserve.co.uk.

You can find our website here http://www.strangely.org/7club/who/index.html Kindly hosted by Jason B.

Area scribe and soon to be organiser
Steve Foster

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