L7C Hants (North) & Berks - December 2000 meetings

Car updates, Christmas party (with quiz), and New Year's Day, 2001. By Steve Foster.

A quick car update first. Simon still has his car in bits. Now it's pressurised cooling system upgrade. Rory is thinking of 3D mapping. Jason has had JW's big front brake kit fitted. Bedding in and slippery conditions have meant that full testing has not yet occurred. Oh yes, Jason is also sporting a nice polished ali knob (Xmas present). I have replaced my AP big brake front disks (thanks Jason Krebs for selling me yours s/hand one) and all the wheel studs for longer ones so that all of the thread on the 21mm open nuts is used. I am also sporting 13" wheels and 021's. Roy still has not done the Emerald Rover map upgrade that made him some horses at the list RR session. Ian has had handbrake cable chaffing problems (sound painful) and Phil's car had a mystery engine cut out before Xmas that fixed itself after a check of the wires and giving me a mild HT shock! The car obviously wants a hotter motor, Zetec, BD(x) conversion or something similar.

Before Xmas Nigel and I 7'd over to see Graham Ridgway's R500 build. You can see some of the pics at the website addr below. I want one, I want one, I want one!

Oh yes what of Nigel? He's been 7 less for ~ 3 months now. He must be unbearable to live with. Every sympathy goes out to Tracy. But he saw his new Zetec on the dyno and the CR semihelical box will be being built soon.

Christmas party revellers.

Steve Foster and Nigel Mills, organisers of the Christmas party.

Rory Stockbridge, winner of the quiz.

The Xmas party was held at the Phoenix. This year Nigel and I organised it. It was an audio-visual affair. We had guess 3 different 7's being revved through the gears questions, guess the mystery track from an in car video and a slide show of members their cars (some on track) and other interesting cars. All done through my trusty laptop and PC projector. Rory took home the 1st prize with Tony 2nd. Tony had his photo album of his recent US tour with him. I am sure that 7'ing in even further flung places is on the cards.

On the 1st of Jan 2001 the VSCC (Vintage Sports Car Club, forgive me if this is the wrong abbr.) held it's annual gathering at the Phoenix. Having our bi-monthly club meetings there 4 of us turned up in 7's. The weather was very kind and the 7's were much admired amongst heavier less dynamic looking machinery.

An extra plug that we do have meets on the 2nd Wed and the last Thurs of every month. The Xmas quiz questions and answers can be seen at Jason's website http://www.strangely.org/7club/meetings/

Steve, area scribe and Swedish 7 mail overseas correspondent.

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