L7C Hants (North) & Berks - September & October 2000 meetings

Cadwell claims another victim. By Steve Foster.

Cadwell park was the month's big event for some. We (Nigel and I) drove up the evening before and B&B'd in Scamlesby very near to the circuit. Tracy was on the support Polowagon, Jason arrived later. A cold start the next morning but fine autumn weather was the setting for a near perfect day.

In the blue group, all was great apart from one Pratt in a green 7 who shall remain nameless who had a slow car and never used his mirrors or just liked blocking. Many people mentioned this to me so it was not just me who had problems!

I did not have the slicks with me and on HPC wheels and Pilots found I was of medium pace with the maximum being got out of the tyres but with progressive sure footed handling. Nigel had a pyrometer with him that showed on 16psi (cold) my tyres were of reasonably even heat across the tread surface. Then while helmeting up for an afternoon session Nigel let out a satisfied yet chillingly ghoulish laugh. Jason and I made a mental note to avoid him....... On returning to the pits Nigel was already there with a somewhat bent but drivable motor. The rear end let go at Barn and a kiss of the tyre wall ensued.

Jason and I carried on for the last two sessions and then headed south. We didn't stop until South Mimms filling station and then pressed on home straight away. I got home at a respectable ~8 pm. James W has Nigel's car at the mo' for a bit of repanelling so he is babyless for a while. It will return and be getting a Zetec heart and CR box this winter!

Other news includes Simon's car being back on the road (ALA Ford axle) with a dazzling new set of yellow wheels. He was sprinting at Goodwood that coming weekend. The car was in immaculate state ready for the scrutineers. More polish for Simon for Xmas then Helen! I am swapping my 16" flywheels for a set of 13" wheels (the ones the slicks were on) with 021R's on for the winter / next year. So all you Sylva's, Westies and bike engined things at Abingdon airfield track days can sleep easier and dream that you might be able to stick with me better in the coming year.

Earlier in the year I had the 3rd gear go on the T9. A suitable short spigot (VX) ali cased SC CR box was found and fitted and is whining away nicely!

I have been playing around with corner weighting using 2 sets of cheap bathroom scales per wheel and had some success. My car in lightened form weighed in at 562 Kg's without me. (Well, it is a VXC!). I now have to decide whether to follow a corner weighting formula (available in spreadsheet format) off the 7 mailing list or look for a more seemingly commercial set-up of equalling the fronts as far as possible. I can play around as much as I like now and try both I suppose.

I guess Christmas may have been and gone by the time you read this but in case it has not the do is on the 22nd of December. So please come along. Anyone who turns up in a Caterham or Lotus 7 will automatically get some extra free points in the quiz!

Here's another plug of our excellent website courtesy of Jason. http://www.strangely.org/7club/meetings/

Steve, area scribe.

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