L7C Hants (North) & Berks - August 2000 meetings

Axles, Quaife gearboxes, Brands Hatch international,
Scandi 2000, and the new Phoenix! By Steve Foster.

An eventful month August. Simon has finally got a torque loving live axle sorted and the car is at Raceline for tunnel widening mods to shoe-horn it in. Watch out fellow sprinters this axle has proper LSD! Rory had some eventful racing and an overheating which we hope to be only the headgasket blowing into the cooling system. The next sprint will confirm or consign the motor to motor heaven.

Nigel is searching the Universe for star quality handling and has narrowed it down to the nearest galaxy at least.

My torquey VXC has finally eaten me box. 3rd is very iffy both up and down so an all ali straight cut close ratio Quaife unit has been procured and fitted. Noisy YES! Whine-snick, whine-snick, whine-snick yes yes yes... I am at last on the trail of the true racers in SC heaven! 180lbft of torque is marginal I am told for the standard T9 so 3 years has not been too bad then. Many thanks to Nigel, without whom the engine out new clutch, new box and in again could not have been performed.

Jason drives as fast on the road as only a fast Jason can. Seriously, have a ride with him cross country and you will see what I mean. Very sensible and concentrated but FAST!

We had fun at Brands for the International gathering. A super event. Very L & C7 focused and lots of excellent racing! The dinner was great apparently. I wasn't there so I didn't wake up hung over in possession of a chequered flag instead of a traffic cone, as many of you did! A BIG thanks to all involved in organising the event.

Scandi 2000 has come and gone with Roy partaking in some traffic free Scandi roads and some brännvin as well no doubt.

The Phoenix is arisen and is now a sophisticated and generously accommodating modern pub. Child friendly too, so bring the kids next time for a family outing.

The 7 fever lives on in a deliriously hot August............ Well apart from Bank holiday Monday when it rained a fair bit!

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