L7C Hants (North) & Berks - July 2000 meetings

Playing away from home, and the birth of the N. Hants & Berks. web site. By Steve Foster.

Thursday 27 July 2000

July was an eventful month. The Phoenix was closed for renovation for a while. So we played away at The White Horse (aka Pub with no Name) at Priors Dean, The Shoulder of Mutton at Hazely Heath at The Chequers at Well nr Dippenhall: The White Horse and The Chequers are well worth another visit.

The Phoenix is under new management hence the renovation work. Reportedly the new owners are just as car club friendly and will even have a Phoenix pub car club web presence.

Talking of web pages, Jason and I had the bright idea of creating a Web Page (my idea, all Jason's bright creating!) for our area. Only the 6th area club to do so (damn out by one!) but ours features a first in that we have a rogues picture gallery of regulars and cars to help one put a name to that face or a face to that car. We are also the keenest area it seems with 2 meets a month! I must say West Hants are very organised with a full list of members, phone numbers and even email addresses on their page!

See our page at http://www.strangely.org/7club/ then click on members for the all the mugs. You can also link to us from the L7 club page http://www.lotus7club.co.uk/ under Area Meetings.

I had a great track day at Abingdon. The Sylva clubs 7 track event. I was the fastest thing out there in my sessions. Fireblade 900cc stripped out specials on slicks, V8 supercharged Westies and scores of Sylva's gave way to the slick shod out of the box Caterham HPC. Simon still has Ital to Ford axle conversion blues. It's all taking a long long time! We hope to see you at the Xmas party in the 7 Simon. Phil had a spitting and coughing XF. Nigel balanced the carbs in the car park at the last meet but the problem continued. We resolved it when I checked the timing at my place and found it to be set at 0 deg BTDC! A quick advance to 10 solved the problem.

Nigel is missing our area meeting and has managed to make it to a couple recently. He is pretty happy with his car's handling now his Leda dampers are re-valved very speedily and at no charge. Well done Leda. Nigel is now the fastest rear damper (de dion) changer in England with all the practise he has had. Rory is busy racing and doing respectably. His car is a real racer! With no areoscreen on the passenger side of the car and no head gear his lady friend passengered to the last area meeting. True grit!

Wednesday 12 July 2000

The mid month meet of Wed 12th of July was held at the Shoulder of Mutton since the Phoenix is still undergoing restoration. Nice pub restaurant, big but full car park and we squeezed our 7's in somehow. 10 hardy 7'ers braved slippery conditions, found the place and showed up in not quite so many 7's. Newsflash. Tony B has junked the 155 BHP XF. In went a nearly new Zetec, hotter cams, 3d 45's, box done again, Ford live axle on, new panels, new paint. Other little mods that were interesting such as where the front indicators are Tony now has spots, on the cycles he has omni-directional indicator lamps, round rear lights, stack speedo with all sorts of in-flight recording possibilities etc etc. The cost of all this is strictly confidential or that Tony dare not add it up more like.

Simon is depressed cos' his Ital. axle that gave up the ghost a while back is now a major project. Getting Arch, Raceline etc etc to build and modify a Ford axle during the silly season is not proving easy. Tony knows all about this since he has just had it done.

While looking at Tony's car we had some American's come up and ask if the cars were Morgans and did they have V8's or 4's in. Well at least they showed an interest and now have a little better idea of what a Caterham 7 is!

We are also starting a North Hants and Berks rogues gallery Webpage. Jason took piccys of all 10 diehards present with his fab little Canon digicam and I took down their names and car types. So next time you arrive to the meet, expect to be snapped by Jason and name rank and serial numbered by me and you will appear online thereafter. By not running away, rude gesturing, hiding you face etc you are agreeing to have your boatrace included. Pic's of cars may well follow too.

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