L7C Hants (North) & Berks - January to March 2000 meetings

Nigel departs, and events galore. By Steve Foster.

The worst of the weather over now and more 7's to be seen at each meeting. We are continuing with 2nd Wed and last Thurs meets each month.

News includes, Simon's foam racing seat that he is sort of happy with?! A brand new Yellow 1800 supersport in the car park, just built and SVA'd.

Nigel has all but departed for darkest Dunstable and rarely comes to the meets these days. I hope to see him at a few events however.

Events, yes! Nigel is setting up a Dunnell Zetec visit and perhaps a bike engined 7 visit. Several of us will go along to the ATS suspension and tyre visit in April that the illustrious Tony Isherwood has organised. I know the L7 Cadwell day in Oct will be on my list too. I hope for kind weather!

Oh yes, Jason and Susie had a baby boy. Thomas weighed in at 8lbs 15oz.

The Phoenix will be closed for all of June so Simon will be thinking of an alternative venue or activity for us.

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