L7C Hants (North) & Berks - 1999 meetings

Highlights of the year. By Steve Foster.

A fun year was had by all, almost all of the time. Jason's 7 rose 'Phoenix' (pun intended) like from a Cadwell barrier incident and now sports wide track and rust free front end. Rory and Simon were busy sprinting and doing pretty well in the lap time charts. Well done chaps.

We started having two meetings at the Phoenix pub in Hartney Whitney and very well attended they are too! The reason for this was that neither Simon (area organiser) nor I could make the last Thursday of each month during 1999. So we devised a meeting on the 2nd Wednesday of each month. Both are well attended so if you are a 'meeting lurker', get in the 7 and come along. I promise that you will nearly always see at least one 7, no matter what the weather!

Thanks to Simon and others for organising the Christmas do. The food was excellent as usual and the quiz taxing yet light hearted.

Santa brought me 2 Scalextric 7's, a race car 7 and a Classic. Both are pretty quick around the 4-lane track I have built as a feature that I can winch out of the way when not in use in the garage.

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